The Environment Agency will be holding a drop in to present details of their proposed Luton Flood Relief scheme in Chalton Village Hall on Tuesday 30th January 2018 between 5 and 8pm.  It is hoped that many residents will use this opportunity to view the scheme details and discuss any questions they may have with the Environment Agency experts.

Brief details of the scheme can be found by access the links below. 

Flood Scheme Drop In

Flood Scheme Details



Whilst we think of Chalton as basically the village and nearby houses on the Sundon Road the parish boundary extends and is contiguous with both Luton and Houghton Regis.  

This area is a considerable portion of Chalton Parish and it is about to be developed as part of what is known as HRN1. As can be seen on the various plans some 30/35% of HRN 1 will be built within Chalton Parish. This development would have been more appropriately named as the Houghton Regis / Chalton development.

As the development has been titled Houghton Regis North 1 Central Bedfordshire Council appear to have forgotten  about Chalton's involvement.

Chalton Parish Council were belatedly informed that the Environment Agency were going to build a flood relief scheme to protect Luton. This will use 12 hectares of land adjoining Kestral Avenue.

As you will have seen on a recent news bulletin it was announced that Lidl are going to build a 1,000,000 square foot (100,000 sq.m) warehouse on a 58 acre (23 hectare) site near Houghton Regis. The area near Houghton Regis is Chalton parish.

It would have been good and indeed more accurate if Chalton Parish had been named as the recipient of the above developments. As we anticipate that there will in the near future be a number of further developments in our Parish your Parish Council have requested the various departments in Central Bedfordshire Council to recognise Chalton in future announcements.      


The Council have introduced a revised bus timetable which will run from the 18th December. The revised times can be found by clicking onto the link below.

74 Revised Bus Timetable



We have been informed that planting will take place during the week commencing 4th December

Highways England have put forward a planting plan to screen the exposed section of the motorway. This will involve planting some 60 Large- Leaved Lime trees (Tilia Platyphylios) along the motorway embankment and around the water retention pond. The trees we are told will be some 2.3 to 3m high. Whilst it will take some time to create a complete screen we should hopefully see the benefits within a few years.

The embankment will be underplanted with a mixture woodland plants including hawthorn, hazel,viburnham, field maple, alder, black popular, hornbeam and english oak. Whilst this will also take some time to grow, it will eventually visually screen the motorway from the village. 


Following a meeting in the village hall and the realisation that the planning application for nine large noisy and polluting gas fired generators would affect all Chalton Village 48 letters of objection were sent to Central Beds planning department. We have recently heard that the applicant has withdrawn their application. They did so upon the realisation that it would have been refused as their application did not overcome the very special circumstance requirement required for construction in the green belt.  


Central Beds Council are consulting on changes to the provision of school transport. The changes can be seen by opening the link below.

Central Beds School - College Transport Proposed Changes

The Consultation will run until the 20th August 2017 and it is proposed that it will become effective for the September 2018 school / college intake.

If you wish to make a comment on the proposed changes please go to the Central Bedfordshire Council website where there is a have your say link.


Central Bedfordshire Council have recently produced a draft local plan, the plan is available from the 4th July for an eight week period.

The full plan can be found on the web site by typing

where there is a have your say link.

Alternatively you can click on the link below to read the main document.

Central Beds Draft Local Plan 2017



Two councillors have resigned, Jonathon Grygiel recently moved out of the village and Michael Szpytko after serving many years as a parish councillor is retiring to Norfolk. We wish them well.

 In November Stephen Grayson was co-opted onto the Parish Council.

We are now have a vacancy for one councillor, if you are interested in becoming a councillor please let us know.

If anybody is interested please contact Russell Currell or Keith Featherstone


The A5 - M1 Link Road will be officially opened on the 13th July.

Unfortunately a number of issues remain

Regrettably  the village is now fully exposed to the motorway as the mature hedging and trees which protected the village were removed during the construction of the new junction and the widening of the hard shoulder. 

Whilst the Environmental Statements prepared before the new junction was constructed called for a fence to be installed Highways England  considered that such a fence was unnecessary. 

The Parish Council had naturally assumed that an acoustic fence would be constructed along this section of the motorway and were disagreeably surprised to discover that Highways England were ignoring their own Environmental Statements.

The Parish Council have written to Highways England who have suggested that as there is now insufficient width at the top of the embankment to erect an acoustic barrier a planting of semi mature trees would be the best solution. The Parish Council have requested a detailed planting plan.

We intend to take this matter to Central Bedfordshire Council and the Department of Transport if we consider the proposed planting plan will not offer the protection we believe essential.

As we are sure you will all be aware the new road is now being used as race track, and the noise of screaming engines invades our village at all hours. Many residents have called the police who as the noise continues seemingly have yet to take action. Please report these disturbance to police who if they are bombarded with complaints might take action.



The Highways department has gone through a restructure and as of April 1st Chalton is now part of what is referred to as Area 3.

  • faulty street lights
  • potholes
  • dead animals
  • damaged pavements
  • faulty traffic lights
  • draining or flooding problems
  • overgrown trees and hedges
  • obstructions in the road
  • grass cutting issues
  • road sign or other street furniture
  • damage to bus stops and bus shelters

The reporting portal is

The Central Beds Council 24 hour emergency team can be contacted via the help desk at  0300 300 8049.

Having walked around the village I have noticed that there are several problems with non operational street lights, broken curbs, and blocked drains. A full list will be compiled and sent to Central Beds.



Several residents have reported smells emanating from the water treatment plant. The Parish Council will be contacting Anglian Water to discover the cause and to ensure that they are stopped.    


There have recently been several instances of fly tipping in the village, it appears that our parish has now been targeted by these unscrupulous people. They will only be stopped if they are caught and reported. Please, if you see a suspicious vehicle take it's registration, report the location of any tipped rubbish to Central Beds or the Parish Council. This will enable us to search for any evidence which will hopefully identify the tippers or original source of the rubbish. 

The Willows

The Willows property has been purchased by The North Hertfordshire Housing Association. The Association together with their property development subsidiary Rowan developments gave a brief presentation at the Parish Council meeting on 13th July 2015.

Initial plans are for 23 houses comprising a mixture of association rental, retirement and private ownership to be constructed on the green belt meadow. A formal planning application has yet to be submitted. The developers have cut back 5 years of  accumulated growth and have excavated trial holes.

In January a Rowan Homes contractor felled two mature Poplar trees. These trees which sat astride the Chiltern Way footpath were a great asset to the local landscape and provided valuable biodiversity their loss at the whim of a developer is wholly regrettable.  We have subsequently discovered that one of the trees was protected by a preservation order, Central Beds Council are now issuing an enforcement order

If this development proceeds there will clearly be issues with the significant increase in traffic using the entrance midway up The Heights and when turning on to the main road. 


Speed Watch

 Our recently installed speed camera has at long last become fully operational. Lets hope that it will now effectively reduce the speed of vehicles passing through the village. 


In the meantime if anybody has any news, information or comments that they would like to be included on the parish web site please email me at  or call me on 01525 874565