Parish council documents

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Class 1 - Who we are and what we do Folder 3 items 25/11/16
Class 2 - What we spend and how we spend it (budget, audit,grant awards) Folder 22 items 30/01/17
Class 3 - What our priorities are and how we are doing Folder 2 items 13/10/16
Class 4 - How we make decisions (Minutes and Agendas) Folder 224 items 17/03/17
Class 5 - Our policies and procedures Folder 11 items 14/09/16
Class 6 - Lists and registers Folder 1 items 01/08/16
Class 7 - The services we offer (newsletter, cemetery and churchyards information) Folder 16 items 16/11/16
Public meeting notes Folder 5 items 12/10/16

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