AGENDA - 2017


Bartlow Parish Annual General Meeting


To be held at 8.00pm in St Mary’s Church


Bartlow on Monday 27th March 2017




  1. Apologies for absence


  1. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting dated 30th March 2016, Meeting


          dated 25th July 2016 and Meeting dated 14th September 2016


  1. Matters arising 


  1. Election of officers 


  1. Neighbourhood Watch


  1. New speed limit and speed watch


  1. A1307 City Deal what is likely to happen next?


  1. Broadband


  1. Progress with The Three Hills pub 


  1. Update from the County and District Councils


  1. Any other business


  1. Date of next meeting






M I N U T E S - 2016

Of the Bartlow Parish Annual General Meeting

Held at 8.00 pm at  St Mary’s Church Bartlow on

Wednesday 30th March 2016



Duncan Ogilvy in the chair, Ernie and Margaret Turkington, John and Alyne Taylor, Mike and Charlotte Davies, James and Mollie Haggie, Jackie Heuschkel, Cathy Faithful, John and Maureen Goodchild, Philip Gibson, William Bowes, Bob Hill, Graham Howat, Steven Bugg, Christine Ogilvy, Catriona Ogilvy, Joe Baily, Barbara Webb and Roger Hickford representing the District Council and Cambridgeshire County Council


  1. Apologies for Absence

 Tim and Henrietta Breitmeyer, Linda Bugg, Chris and Pat Fairey .Gill Cunningham and Councillor Henry Batchelor 


  1. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting dated 26th March 2015. 

 These were agreed as being a true record of the meeting.


  1. Matters Arising

 There were none.


  1. Election of Officers

 Duncan Ogilvy and Linda Bugg were both re-elected unopposed.


  1. Neighbourhood Watch

Mollie Haggie, our Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator said there was nothing new to report. Duncan Ogilvy reported that he regularly attends Police Panel meetings and believes that the current position of crime affecting Bartlow is satisfactory save for the car park thefts at last year’s Three Counties Walk which should be solved by the re-siting of the car park.


  1. Speed Watch and Speed Limits

Graham Howat confirmed that this was undertaken six times last year by 4 residents. Bartlow residents were the first in the area to be trained. Graham Howat proposed that if no Bartlow volunteer was willing to co-ordinate Speedwatch in the area then  the equipment should be passed on to John Hain as the villagers of Shudy Camps have expressed a wish to use it. John  Taylor and Philip Gibson said that they may be able to take on operation of the Speed Check. It was agreed that the administration should pass to Shudy camps residents. Bartlow will still participate in Speedwatch operations. The new 30 mph limit for Bartlow was, Graham Howat said, considered to be a satisfactory outcome.  Roger Hickford confirmed that his endeavours in support of the 30 mph limit probably played a significant role and Duncan expressed thanks for his help. Philip Gibson asked for details of the works incurring the estimated £ 4,000 contribution required from Bartlow by the Council. Duncan stated that details are not yet available but will be supplied when received. Duncan proposed that a further meeting is convened when this is known at which time discussion of possible fund raising would take place. Roger Hickford expressed the view that the contribution is unlikely to exceed the estimate of £ 4,000.


  1. A1307 Steering Committee

Roger Hickford reported that the A1307 scheme was amended to include the whole A1307 corridor. It was issued in February 2016 but he considered it poor as it was not based on the correct Haverhill expansion statistics taken over a whole year and this has been pointed out to the County Council. More information is expected in June.  Roger Hickford said that a survey that provides statistics of traffic flow over a whole year is being sought because there are significant variations at different times of the year. Roger Hickford said that he is due to attend a meeting on Monday next. It is necessary to establish the correct number of people who emit from Haverhill each day.  Graham Howat suggested that a lot of the Haverhill traffic goes south on the M11 at Four Went Ways but Roger said that this is not the case as a lot of this traffic goes on to the A505 going west and then some of it joins the M11 at Duxford to go north. Duncan Ogilvy concluded that Bartlow residents will have to await developments. 


  1. Broadband

Steven Bugg (our nominated “Broadband Champion”) confirmed that he has discussed this issue with BT and that Tim Breitmeyer and Duncan Ogilvy have attended meetings as well. BT has indicated that they were unlikely to be able to take any action before 2017 if at all. Steven Bugg said that there is the possibility of an alternative system being provided by County Broadband but this would require a £ 12,000 contribution and it would not be available before 2017.  Steven Bugg said that Bartlow is at the bottom of a valley and is shielded by trees which contribute to the difficulties of supplying a satisfactory system. Duncan Ogilvy expressed doubts as to progress by BT because they can satisfy their commitment to 95% improved Broadband without dealing with Bartlow. He believes that County Broadband are quite good but we are powerless to progress matters. He suggested that Bartlow residents bring pressure to bear through their own suppliers. Steven Bugg mentioned that there is a possibility of a fibre optic connection to individual properties. Duncan said that there was evidence that villages that were noisy and stroppy were more likely to get some action taken. Steven said that he would endeavour to be noisy and stroppy.


  1. Future of the Three Hills Pub

Stephen Bugg provided a summary of progress. He explained that about a year ago following expressions of dissatisfaction by Bartlow residents and others Stephen consulted a surveyor who established that Rhubard Inns were prepared to consider a sale of the freehold. A communication was received from the Plunkett Association about villagers buying their local pub. Stephen Bugg consulted a financial adviser Chris Field. It became clear Stephen Bugg said that Bartlow was too small to enable raising the money to fund such a purchase. However Chris Field expressed an interest in purchasing the freehold of pub himself. Negotiations with Rhubarb Inns for the purchase of the freehold and with both Bartlow Barns about the purchase of a strip of their land at the rear of the pub and Tim Breitmeyer for the purchase of a part of the paddock at the rear appear to have been successfully concluded thus providing the additional area for parking and for increasing the pub facilities including demolition of a bar and the construction of a new bar, erection of an orangery and new toilets thus satisfying likely planning permission requirements. An exchange of contracts for the purchase of the pub is anticipated in the next week or so. Extensive renovation is also needed and the builder concerned expects to start work on this in early May whilst planning applications are meanwhile submitted. Stephen Bugg confirmed that it was made clear by him that the village residents envisage being able to use part of the pub rooms for meetings on week days such as Mondays or Tuesdays when the pub will be less busy. He did not expect the work to be done by the end of this year but expects that it will be done within a year. Catriona Ogilvy thanked Stephen Bugg for all his hard work.


  1. Update from County and District Councils

Roger Hickford spoke in his capacity as a District Councillor and County Councillor. He confirmed that both the District Council and the County Council have been engaged in boundary reviews. The County Council review has been completed and the Abingtons will be included in the Linton area. The areas for the District Council have not yet been decided. There is nothing to be reported yet on the matter of devolution. He said that there is still a lack of land for the provision of new housing  but because Bartlow is deemed to be an unsustainable village it is less likely to be the subject of development than other areas. He confirmed that he is not standing for re-election in the May District Council election. Gratitude was expressed by residents for the work that he has done on behalf of Bartlow. Philip Gibson drew the attention of Roger Hickford to the continuing problem of flooding and consequent potholes at the former railway bridge on the road to Ashdon below the land of James and Mollie Haggie. He said that nothing has been done to alleviate the problem despite requests to the Council. Roger Hickford  said that he would ask for a site visit to be made by the Council with a view to resolving the defects. Councillor Henry Batchelor’s written report covered much of the same ground.


  1. Any Other Business

 No other business was raised.


  1. Date of Next Meeting

An Annual General meeting next March will take place Duncan Ogilvy confirmed but further meetings will be held before then when more information is received regarding progress on the implementation of the 30 mph speed limit and the planning applications relating to the alterations to the Three Hills Pub.