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News from the Anglican churches of Castle Camps Shudy Camps Horseheath Bartlow and Linton

June & July 2017

Dear Friends,

June is a time for two things. The first is exams; the second is that it is the time when the church remembers the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost (this year, June 4th). The two are related in my mind by some advice I was given before my final theology exams. That advice was simple: "Whenever possible avoid answering questions about the Holy Spirit.". Writing a sensible exam answer about the Holy Spirit is something only to be attempted either by a genius or else the desperate. Well, what can you say about something which the Bible describes as a wind, a dove or tongues of fire, and which in the creed is included almost as an afterthought? The answer is, 'rather too much', because the Holy Spirit is God's continuing presence in the world., The Spirit was present, we are told, at the creation brooding on the face of the deep; the Father spoke and the Spirit acted. The Spirit was present in Old Testament times inspiring the prophets. He was present in the life and work of Jesus. He was present in the early Church, inspiring the apostles to go out and preach the gospel and he is still present in the world today.

In the Holy Spirit we see that God is not remote and separate from the world he created, only choosing to act on a few, very special occasions. The presence of the Holy Spirit is so widespread, so total, that it is impossible to pin that action down. There is no part of our lives from which God as Holy Spirit is absent. He is with us at home, at work, in the exam room, in the shops; when we are relaxing, playing sport, doing whatever we like to do with our leisure time.

Belief in his presence can be very comforting. It can also be disturbing because we do not always choose to live as if God is always present. We often prefer to limit his actions to certain days (Sunday is favourite), and certain places (church or chapel).Consciously living in the continuous presence of God is not easy, but it is what we should strive to do.

This is God's world and God, as Holy Spirit, is forever at work, building, recreating, transforming it so that it conforms more and more to God's Kingdom. We can if we choose take our part in that world bringing out the fruit of God's Kingdom, the fruit of the Holy Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, self-control, or, if we choose, we can go our own way. The work of the Holy Spirit will still continue. If we do not work with him, we shall be left behind.

Ian Fisher (Team Vicar)

The Camps Vicarage

01799 585977

Linton Team of Churches


Saturday 15th July Bartlow Hills Farm Tour and BBQ this is our first joint fund raising venture involving the whole church team. With thanks to Tim Breitmeyer, it will be an hour-long farm visit in viewing trailers with animals including donkeys and pot-bellied pigs, and an informed and interesting commentary about farm management followed by delicious BBQ.


Adult Tickets £10.00 Family Ticket (2A&3C) £25.00 Children £5.00

There will be two tours, an earlier Family Tour for those with children starting at 17.00 with an Adult Tour slightly later at 18.00


To book tickets phone Lindi Kent 01799 584012


St. Marys’ Parish Church Linton


Friday 7 July to Sunday 9 July Linton Flower Festival theme Characters of the Bible


The church will be open for viewing on Friday and Saturday 10.00-17.00 and Sunday 11.30-17.00

There will be several stalls Friends of St Mary’s, plants, books and bric-a-brac.

Refreshments coffee & cake Friday coffee, lunch & teas Saturday and Sunday.

All proceeds to The Friends of St Mary’s. APS


All Saints’ Parish Church, Castle Camps


 Sunday 11 June Quiz in the Garden

This has been popular in the past and we are very grateful to Pam and Guy Schooling for hosting again. Come and quiz whilst enjoying tea and cake in their beautiful garden, hotdogs and burgers £1.00 also available. Come as a team or make up a team of up to six when you arrive, £4.00 per person, children under 12 free. Yellow house on Park Lane just past the school CB21 4SR. Please advise Pam Schooling 01799 584322 or Lindi Kent 01799 584012 by the 7th of June


 Sunday 18 June Open Gardens

This is always a good village occasion, come along and enjoy a meander around local gardens and enjoy tea and cake. Should you wish to open your garden please contact David Holmes on 01799 584430. Tickets and program available on the day.


 Saturday 8 July Malcolm Guite in concert.

Malcolm is a world-renowned poet and musician and those who have seen him perform before will know you are in for a real treat.

Tickets £10.00 to include wine and light refreshments from Lindi Kent 01799 584012


 So much to enjoy this summer, do try and join us at some or all of these events, proceeds towards the up keep of our beautiful church LK



St. Mary’s Parish Church, Shudy Camps


At our recent Annual Meeting, we discussed how the Church can best serve the village going forward with our small numbers.


The idea we want to follow up on is providing a “Café Church” which regularly offers good quality coffee, cake and other nice food in the church on a regular basis.

Further information on this will be given as we work out how we are going to do this.


We would again like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helps St Mary’s in any way We are very grateful for everything so many people in the village to do keep the building and the churchyard in good order. AW


All Saints’ Parish Church, Horseheath


Following our AGM on the 5th April 2017 Pat & Judith were re-elected church wardens. Pat will carry on as treasurer, Bill Jolley as secretary, The Revd Ian Fisher as chairman and Ray Daynes as vice chairman. Committee members re- elected: Alan Bishop Mary Mayes, Esther Pearson we also welcome Michael Baker to the committee.


Our annual garden party 14.00 to 16.00 in the garden of Hartford House  and Summer Soiree (evening of music)19.30 in Church  on the 3rd June.

 We do hope that we are blessed with dry weather. Tickets for the Soiree can be purchased from the Post Office or Pat 892484, Judith 890786 in advance £12.00 per person, to include light refreshments.  Donations to Bric-a-brac, cake, plant and book stalls can be left in church porch on the Friday 2nd June or brought to the garden party on the day.  All proceeds go to the upkeep of our Church.


Tea & Chat 14th June and 19th July in church 14.30


Our Service on the 18th June at 10.00 includes a visit and talk from the Leprosy Society in particular the Purulia Hospital , we do hope you can come along and support them. PS&JJ