One third of the money raised on 5th May by the 2013 Bartlow Walk will be donated to the cause of Prostate Cancer, a major centre of excellence at Addenbrooke’s hospital and a significant issue for men of a certain age. But times change and with detection rates increasing, it has been found that the average age of the prostate cancer patient is now coming down. Prostate Cancer treatment has been a catalyst for the development of robotic surgery, enabling minimally invasive surgery, thus reducing the time spent in hospital from five to one day. As a practical example of this revolution, patients are expected to walk about a kilometre before they are discharged!

Addenbrooke’s is a national leader in the bioscience, research and treatment of Prostate Cancer and has the largest programme of robotic surgery in the NHS in England. This was the first centre to publish a paper on treating 500 patients with the robot and it will be the first to update that figure to 1000.

Prostate Cancer treatment includes surgery (which these days is almost always robotic), radiotherapy, the targeted application of drugs and active monitoring. The continuing research programme assists in the effective combination of these approaches for the best outcomes. We are indeed fortunate to have this fantastic expertise on our doorstep and to be able to make a small contribution to its continuing success.


In the last Linton News we presented our 2013 Addenbrooke’s cause – Prostate Cancer – so it is now time to talk about the causes we support nearer to home.

For the past 6 years, Linton Health Centre Community Care Fund has received one third of the money raised by the Walk. The focus for expenditure has moved from large items to more portable equipment such as spirometers and pulse oximeters, which can be used to assess patients in their homes.  Plans include improvement to the waiting room – hopefully some more toys and play equipment, and seating more suitable for those with mobility problems. 


And the final cause that the Walk supports is the restoration of Bartlow’s historic church, now virtually at the end of a ten-year programme.  The building is now properly weather-tight and we are turning our attention to the conservation of our three mediaeval wall paintings. Fundraising for this project is not limited to the Walk and, for example, on Friday 21st June, we will present a Midsummer Concert in the Church to which all are welcome. Details will be found on www.bartlow.org.uk or e-mail mailto:www.bartlow@msn.com to register interest.

Come and join The Bartlow Walk on 5th May – It’s for a good cause.

Graham Howat – Walk Organiser