Chalton WI

The WI  meet in Chalton Village Hall every month. Meetings begin at 7:45pm. The programme for 2018/19 is


April 4th  Stay Younger Longer - We are all individuals. Speaker Sue Blain.

May 2nd Folk Customs and Dances in the UK. Speaker Alison Heywood. 

June 6th Stained Glass - Not Just for Churches. Speaker Anna Conti.

July 4th Summer party Evening.

August No Meeting.

September 5th Beekeeping, Speaker David Corbett.

October 3rd Scarf Tying. Speaker Wendy Warren.

November 7th Who is the real Father Christmas. Speaker Paul Fowler.

December 5th Christmas Party.


January 2nd Birthday Dinner.

February 6th Sweet memories. Speaker Kevin Varty.

March 6th Annual Meeting


For further information about the meetings and speakers contact Alison Williams 01525 877228 or Wendy Shuttle 07779 103278