North Dunstable Bypass / M1 Junction 11A

As many of you will have noticed, significant earth works are now taking place. Fencing of the route for the new road is almost complete. Work to reroute and bury the utilities continues, some pylons have been removed and it is anticipated that this work will be completed by October.

The  new route of the Luton Road can now be seen, it is planned that this section will be completed and in use within 12 weeks. The new section of road will be linked to a temporary T junction on the Houghton Regis Road.  It is anticipated that there will be dalays and disruption whilst the temporary road is in use.




                                                    Excavating the New Route to Luton


The plan for the new junction and the modifications to local roads is shown on the plan below. The plan does not show the Woodside Link Road. This contract has recently been awarded and it is hoped that the link and bypass roads will be completed within the same time frame.


                                            M1 Junction 11A



The Parish Council have pointed out that care must be taken by the drivers of these trucks as pavements in the village are narrow and are very crowded when children are  going to and leaving the school. It has been arranged that trucks working on the project will all carry the following sign.

                                                         A5-M1 Link truck identification sign

If parishioners can record the registration number of any truck with an uncovered load and / or speeding they can report it either to Keith Featherstone on 01525 874565 or to Sandra Hutchins the project secretary on 07467 147766 when action will be taken.

It is intended that once the services have been moved, to construct a works access to the motorway which will allow trucks direct access to the main construction works.




The Joint Venture Contractors have recently provided the following information


Notice to Proceed was issued by Highways England in March and works have commenced to take advantage of the good weather in April. Environmental site clearance progressed well, with all necessary clearance required before the end of the bird nesting season completed.  Accommodation Works and boundary fencing have progressed well with the majority of the site now fenced. Topsoil stripping activities and pre-earthworks drainage have been proceeded by archaeological investigations that are now nearing completion. Drainage activities have commenced with culvert structures initially.

The project is on progress to install the major traffic management on the motorway in June to start construction of the M1 over-bridge and slip road tie-ins. Diversions of Statutory Undertakers apparatus are overall on programme, allowing construction of the new over-bridge for the local roads to commence early next year, with completion of the road works by the end of 2016. Commissioning of the Smart Motorway equipment will follow with an overall scheme completion in Spring 2017.


We are hoping following a recent meeting that the contractor will provide fortnightly updates of future works. When these become available we will publish them on the parish website.


The following link to Highways England will provide more information about the new road.