Traffic Calming

As parishoners will know traffic flow through the village has increased substantially in the last few years.

The Parish Council have been concerned particularly about the speed of many of the vehicles on the roads through the village and have on numerous occasions requested Central Beds to look at measures for controlling those vehicles exceeding the speed limit.

We were advised recently that funds were being made available and that traffic calming measures would be put in place. Several schemes were considered, road humps, right of way priority, static cameras and average speed control.

Whilst average speed control would have been preferred, as this would have controlled vehicle speeds throughout the village, we understand that technical problems have prevented this system being used.

Road humps and priority right of way  were considered unsuitable, and Central Beds has approved the installation of a static speed control camera.

The camera will be able to record the speed of passing vehicles in both directions. 

As you will have seen the installation is almost complete, but we do not yet know when the camera will become active.  Perhaps the mere sight of a camera will suffice to reduce vehicle speeds. 

A census carried out in late 2014 in preparation for the traffic calming showed that on a working day (24 hour) some 9,400 vehicles passed through the village.

This is in contrast to the Highways Agency traffic data estimate which was prepared to promote the construction of the A5-M1 link road. This forecast that there would be :-

12,300 Vehicle movements in 2029 assuming that the A5 - M1 link road was constructed.

8.500 Vehicle movements in 2014 assuming that the A5-M1 link road was completed in that year. 

7,300 Vehicle movements in 2014 assuming that the A5-M1 link road was not constructed.

As can be seen vehicle movements are now 28% greater than those forecast by the Highways Agency. The link road is not yet completed and with 7,000 houses yet to be built one can only wonder what the future holds in this regard.