Hi Everyone
A more complete newsletter to come later in the month, but I wanted to get the urgent message about Pedley Lane out there.
20 MPH speed limit in the village centre
Pedley Lane Development
Community Centre
Cherry Trees
Clifton Spring Clean
Second Clifton Website
Shefford Library
Speed Limit in Clifton
You'll have noticed that despite my promises, the speed limit in Clifton has still not arrived. Some of the work on traffic calming has been completed, but the CBC budget does not run to finishing the work in this financial year. We've been promised it will be completed early in the next financial year.
Pedley Lane Proposal
Many of you will be aware that there has been an application by Optimis Consulting, on behalf of "the Settle Group" to build 45 dwellings on land adjacent to Clifton Fields, at the dangerous junction between Pedley Lane and Shefford Road. The Settle Group is the new name of North Herts Homes.
The planning application reference is CB/18/04720/FULL.
Clifton Parish Council believes that this is a bad proposal for the following reasons:
1) It is VERY badly situated, on a dangerous junction.
2) It erodes the important countryside gap between Clifton and Shefford.
3) It is outside the settlement envelope of both Clifton and Shefford.
4) Loss of important agricultural land.
5) A further 45 homes, in addition to the 523 homes recently approved, built or pursuant to planning permission, represents a 47% increase in the size of Clifton Village. The unplanned increase of built-up area is not supported by CBC policies.
6) The local infrastructure (schools, NHS and roads) do not support further increases in population.
7) The development is not in accordance with the emerging local plan.
If you agree with the Parish Council, please make your feelings known to the planning officer, Stuart Kemp. His e-mail address is stuart.kemp@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk. You can also write to planning@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk, and mark your mail for Stuart Kemp's attention. 
Please make it clear that you are objecting. Please use your own words (and any of your own additional reasons for objecting) when writing.
Objections need to arrive by Friday 8th February, so you do not have long to respond.
Community Centre
We are fortunate in Clifton to have a modern, well-equipped Community Centre with a large, floodlit car park. Some recent upgrades have made it even better than it was before. It's also very reasonable to hire.  Contact parish.council@clifton-beds.co.uk if you wish to hire it.
Cherry Trees
You may know that Clifton was, for many years called "The Cherry Tree Village". You may be wondering what has happened to the "Cherry Tree Project", whereby we are trying to get new cherry trees planted to replace those lost in the last few decades.
Well, the project is still alive and well, it's just taking longer than we thought to get it off the ground. Watch this space.
Spring Clean
We're starting to plan the Clifton Spring clean for 2019. A lot of residents litterpick on a regular basis without any special "event", (you know who you are, and we're all really grateful). The "official" spring clean is a few weeks away, (6th-7th April) and we'd like to combine the litterpick with some other village tidying like hedge trimming, cleaning of road signs and road names. If you are willing and able to help, please let me know.
Clifton has two websites. 
First, we have the mine of useful information that is http://www.clifton-beds.co.uk - if you want to know anything about Clifton,. you'll find it in there. The PC has its own website. https://www.bedsparishes.gov.uk/cliftonbedspc/ this is more specifically about the PC.
Shefford Library
Use it or lose it. We're still very lucky to have a fully-functioning library nearby. This is what is on in the next few weeks. Mainly for youngsters.

Tuesday 12 February

10.30am to 12pm: Lego & Mega Blocks Fun! Drop in and get building.

2.30pm to 4pm: Junior Makers. Introduce your little ones to coding with our BeeBots and Code-a-pillars, get building with our Snap Circuits and K-Nex.

Wednesday 13 February

10.30am to 12pm: Library Book Treasure Hunt. Solve the clues & claim your lucky dip prize.

Thursday 14 February

10.30am to 12pm: Call in for a great craft session.

Friday 15 February

10am to 4pm: Board Games Day. Join us to play some of your favourites.

Tuesday 12 - Friday 15 February

Drop in all week and decorate a bird for our Spring display.