New Developments in Langford

This page will provide information on the new developments taking place in Langford, along with action the Parish Council has taken in relation to current issues on those developments.  If you submit complaints to the Developers/CBC directly then please also copy/email Langford Parish Council Clerk of your complaint so these can be compiled, logged below and where relevant "formal complaints" can be made to CBC.


The CBC original call for sites map for Langford can be viewed here

The CBC Pre-submission Local Plan can be viewed here







BUILT = 231 (Station Road, Wrestlers, Flexmore, Over 55's, Old Goods Yard)

APPROVED = 277 (Off St Andrews Way, off Cambridge Road, Tithe Farm Close)







NEW PROPOSED SITE - Land to rear of Jubilee Lane -  Screening Opinion request submitted to CBC - CB/19/01202/SCN.  (170 homes).  Design consultants have sent in proposal for Environmental Impact Assessment (April 2019).  See CBC website for more information.

NEW PROPOSED SITE - Land west of Langford Road - Outline Planning application submitted - CB/18/04783.  Land Agent proposals on this development can be found HERE (55 homes) - LPC'S OBJECTION LETTER - THE APPLICANTS ARE APPEALING THE OBJECTION BY CBC (LPC advised 23.09.19 - deadline for comments 28.10.19)



Prior to refusal further documentation had been submitted by the developers and sent to the PC for comment (20 December 2018) in relation to the Construction plan, vehicle turning points and site parking.  These can be found on this link HERE



Land off Cambridge Road - Outline planning submitted - CB/19/00336/OUT.  APPLICATION APPROVED BY CBC DMC COMMITTEE - 11 SEPTEMBER 2019 (150 homes)


Land off St Andrews Way - CB/18/00432/OUT LPC's OBJECTION LETTER - in May 2018 revised plans were been submitted to CBC but LPC's objections remain unchanged - response email advising of unchanged objections sent to CBC Planning Department on 16/05/18 - APPROVED BY CBC DM COMMITTEE (32 homes)

Call for Sites - LPC's response to the Call for sites - proposed 2 new developments to the South East of Langford (03/02/18) 

Land East of Station Road - APPROVED FOR PLANNING - CB/16/00374 (110 homes)

Wrestlers Development - APPROVED FOR PLANNING - CB/14/04634 (10 homes)

Church Street (Over 55's) - APPROVED FOR PLANNING - CB/12/01030 (47 homes)

Goods Yard, Cambridge Road - APPROVED FOR PLANNING - CB/14/04276 (22 homes)

Land North of Flexmore Way - APPROVED FOR PLANNING - CB/15/02419/FULL (42 homes)



Recent LPC Correspondence - LAND NORTH OF FLEXMORE WAY


Complaint Nr 4 - CB/02419/FULL - Land North of Flexmore Way, Langford - 6 February 2018

Clerk complaint to Chris Perry CBC:  You may have already been contacted about this, but just in case you haven't..  We have received several complaints recently from residents regarding lorries waiting along Station Road to get access to the site in the mornings.  I am aware the contractors have instigated a no site access before 8am, but could you ask them to request vehicles wait away from Station Road rather than queuing up the road as this is causing mayhem with people trying to leave for work and children waiting for school buses.  I understand early on Friday morning last week there was 6-8 lorries waiting along the road to get in the two sites.  One of our residents spoke to the drivers around 7:30am and they said they were unaware of any restrictions - (athough I understand there are signs at either end of Station Road).  Many thanks if you could please pass this onto the sites.
Reply from Chris Perry - 8 February 2018

I have had a good response & received this from the contracts manager of ECL, who is happy for me to share the information with you.

I have read the complaint and we have added additional measures to site to reduce the impacted on the village by changing the following – Site delivery times are now 9am – 3pm Monday to Friday, this should reduce the impact to the village in the peak times.  When we have a large amount of deliveries in the same day we will put additional Marshals out on the roads to move the wagons out of the village until site is ready for them. We have told all the suppliers to stagger their deliveries to site, this will reduce the amount of wagons in the village at one time.  If any rogue wagons come before/after the hours we have made an area in site where they can park up.  We have made the delivery access clean running and no wagons are allowed to go on the mud, this is to minimise the mud on the roads

Also the wheel wash is in place at all times but the pressure washer is out of sight to stop any unwanted visitors.


Complaint Nr 3 - CB/02419/FULL - Land North of Flexmore Way, Langford - 11 January 2018

Resident Complaint:  Station Road in Langford has been subject to severe congestion and obstruction, due to large lorries parking along the length of the road between the large development's entrance (Land East of Station Road - CB/16/00374) and the junction with Cambridge Road.  There have been six or more lorries parked up, waiting to enter the development site which one of the drivers told me is supposed to be opened by 8am.  

The lorries pose significant risks in several ways.  
Firstly, and most importantly, they block much of the road, making it extremely hazardous to cross on foot, which is of particular concern at this time of the morning, as this is when middle school pupils (aged 9 to 13) are trying to get to the bus stop at Flexmore Way, to catch the Henlow school bus.  The children can't see to cross safely, have little choice but to pass between the lorries and car drivers cannot see them until the last second.  Older children catching the bus at the stop opposite Flexmore Way are also at significant risk.
Secondly, it is virtually impossible for the number of lorries present to park up without blocking driveways.  I have had to ask drivers to move their lorries, to enable me to leave for work, twice this week.  I needed the drivers to 'spot' for me,  to get out safely, due to blocked visibility.
Thirdly, these large vehicles make it very difficult for other vehicles to pass, particularly public and school buses, which may need to mount the kerb in order to get past.. 
The current traffic control measures (light-controlled single-lane restriction) between Flexmore Way and the entrance to the development are exacerbating the problems, but are not the root cause.  
Please can steps be taken to ensure that the lorry drivers can access the development promptly, to ensure that this does not happen again?
Action taken (11 Jan 18) Clerk contacted Chris Perry and Steve Dixon
Could please arrange for the site to disperse their deliveries, keep clear of school hours/peak times times and ensure they wait well away from site and not block drives please as this road is always busy without the added lorries and all the barriers up so is an accident waiting to happen.
Steve, any help you can bring with this is always a bonus. Your swift action is, as always, much appreciated.   
(11 Jan 18) Response from Chris Perry I have seen the email & have just got off the phone to the ECL site manager & he informs me that he has called Thomas Bros several times about this. I am going to email Barratt Homes as well to see if that will have some more bite. I am meeting with representatives from Barratt homes next week & will discuss the ese matters with them as well. I have also emailed the Contracts Manager of the DWH site & the Senior Technical Manager of the Flexmore site detailing the concerns & will await their response.
Update (12 Jan 18) from Chris Perry
Just a quick further update for you, I have had a response from Barratt Homes/DWH & ECL & the issues are being taken seriously & that measures are being put in place to resolve the issues. I am expecting further contact from them early next week & will let you know when I have that update.


Complaint Nr 2 - CB/02419/FULL - Land North of Flexmore Way, Langford - 5-7 January 2018

Langford PC have, over the weekend (5-7 Jan 18), received several complaints regarding the state of the road and paths along station road, caused by the groundworks currently taking place at the new Flexmore Development.  These complaints were in relation to Several street lights not working, Burst water main, Mud on road and footpath, Potholes getting bigger and deeper.

Action taken (8 Jan 18) - Clerk and Steve Dixon (CBC Ward Councillor) have liaised with Area Steward and Chris Perry, Enforcement Officer.

Enforcement Officer had been out on site this morning (080118) and advised Groundworkers that the state of the area is not acceptable and needs to be sorted as as a matter of urgency. Roadsweeper would be back on site today and clearing up would take place.  Some streetlights are out due to planned new connection works (due to finish on the 12th Jan).  Other street lighting repairs not connected to planned work would take place as urgent.  Area Steward will look at state of road to see if anything can be done to potholes.  Enforcement Officer was unsure where water overflow was coming from but would take a look and see what can be done.


Update from Steve Dixon (23rd August 2017) - to further issues continuing regarding complaint nr 1

I spoke at some length with Andrew Davie at CBC last night, following the letter some residents of Flexmore Way have just received from Tristan Tompkins of Barratt/David Wilson Homes.  Indeed they are undertaking some archeological works at the present time, but do not have specific permission to use Flexmore Way to export top soil or I suspect the need to do so.

Given that end of Flexmore Way does not have a dropped kerb or any parking restrictions, Barratt can not freely exit their site with out consent from CBC.  Andrew Davie and the Head of Highways at CBC, Paul Mason, are not aware of any consents having been given to Barratt.  Therefore, if residents still wish to park in that area, I can see no reason why they can't do so.  You would not be blocking the highway or in breach of any parking restrictions.  Access to this site has always been deemed to be on to Station Road direct.

CBC planning are going to speak to Barratt this morning, as their behaviour is unacceptable.

I am away until the weekend, with a poor phone service, but if you require me to intervene, please ask residents to text me on 07973 127077, which has a better chance of reaching me and I will make the necessary intervention if appropriate.

I would be most grateful if you could share this note via your website and social media channels.


Further complaint (regarding complaint Nr 1) - 22nd August 2017

Resident of Flexmore advised Clerk that a letter had been received today (22 August 17) from Barratts stating they had CBC approval to remove soil from site.  A further email was received by another resident stating the same.  Further resident phoned Clerk also advising of the situation.  Clerk advised she would investigate.

Action taken (22 August 17) - Clerk contacted Chair of PC and Ward Councillor advising of letter received asking if they knew of this current situation.  Chair advised no and requested Clerk contact Paul Mason/Andrew Davey ASAP.  Clerk had also contacted PA to Paul Mason to advise of current situation and requested information from him on IF and who had given Barratts permission to access site via Flexmore.  The PA has been trying to contact Paul Mason via several routes today as he is off site and would continue trying today, but if she cannot get hold of him she has a meeting tomorrow with Paul and would discuss with him then and provide a reply tomorrow (Wednesday).  Clerk also suggested that the soil be piled behind the bungalow for removal off site once the bungalow had been demolished alleviating the need to access Flexmore althogether.   Received 2 emails and 1 call from the PA saying she is doing what she can to let me know an answer to our issue ASAP.  


Update on Complaint 1 - Below from Ward Councillor Steve Dixon (7:30am on 16 August 2017)

Thanks Michelle. 

I am on site now and will give it an hour.  I am due to meet again with Andrew Davie-Head of Planning & Development-at CBC to review where we are. 

In short after he and I spoke on Monday, he took up resident concerns within CBC. Barrett's don't have an access agreement off Flexmore Way and until a construction management plan has been agreed with CBC, no works may be carried out. I can't apologise enough for the buggeration they have caused, but it is difficult to anticipate someone's next move. 

Andrew and I have discussed hauling Barretts in and read the riot act, which I hope will adjust their attitude and behaviour.  I am firmly of the opinion that Flexmore Way is not to be used for access the the site. 

I will keep you updated.  Regards. Steve 


Complaint Nr 1 - CB/02419/FULL - Land North of Flexmore Way, Langford

Following resident complaints regarding access made by Barrett homes to the site via Flexmore Way (as appose to approved access route of Station Road)  A complaint was made to Paul Mason (CBC Highways Director).  This is a log of the outcome of a call between the Clerk/Paul Mason on 15th August 2017 at 3:25pm).  

He advised me that no access rights or permission have been granted to Barretts or anyone else to access this site via Flexmore Way, no applications for change of access have been submitted by them either.  The developers also have an obligation to submit a Construction Plan before the commencement of work and he stated that they have not submitted this. 

Although some surveys that are carried out before building work commences are outside of the remit of CBC orders (for instance small site surveys, site visits etc) so these would be deemed acceptable via any route inc Flexmore Way.  However he stated that the erection of hoarding and access for this work via Flexmore Way is not acceptable.  Although we discussed that if this was classified as an archaeological dig, that the removal of soil from site would deem it to be "commencing work" on site.

He has advised that this work should not commence and he has advised the Planner and Planning Enforcement to take the relevant action to cease this and CBC will be going out to site to assess the situation.

When I asked what neighbours should do IF this still commences on Monday or any other day in the foreseeable future he advised that they should themselves do nothing but phone him (0300 300 4708) or his PA Judith Wong (0300 300 6201).




Recent LPC Correspondence - LAND EAST OF STATION ROAD



Received from Chris Perry CBC

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you on this one. The attached landscaping plan is what DWH have informed me they are implementing, which is the approved scheme along the Station Road frontage, which shows  grass along the front & replacement hedging behind with some tree & shrub planting.


Query Nr 4 - CB/16/00374 - Land East of Station Road, Langford

Made to Chris Perry CBC (12/07/17) - Tree Re-instatement

Dear Chris
I was asked at our Council Meeting on Monday if there was any development on the plan to re-instate the trees that were taken down along Station Road.  The last correspondence I have on this from you was in October last year (that David Wilson Homes would be submitting their proposals for this to you), but I wondered if you could please update us on the situation?

OUTCOME:  Reply from Chris Perry 13/07/17

A revised landscaping scheme was agreed with the Council at toward s the end of last year & although that the same number of trees will not be planted there will be some trees & mature hedge will be planted, details are available on the Council’s website.

The following link will take you to the documents that you need. The first 4 documents under plans are the landscape management plan & the landscaping plans. I think the first landscape plan shows along Station Road.



Query Nr 3 - CB/16/00374 - Land East of Station Road, Langford

Made to Chris Perry CBC (12/07/17) to request clarification on this issue following email complaint from resident

How much longer have the residents  of Station Road, Bentley Close and Mager Way have to put up with the single file traffic restrictions caused  by the lack of work by David Wilson homes on laying the path and road repair. Surely the work could have completed within a week, but it now seems to be nearly a month of inconvenience for residents which is not acceptable.

OUTCOME: Reply from Chris Perry (13/07/17) and 17/07/17

13/07/17 I will contact the site manager to see if I can find out about this.

17/07/17 I have left messages for the site manager but he has not come back to me (not sure if he is on leave). I have spoken to the contracts manager this morning & he has confirmed that barring any complications the works should be finished by the end of this week.



Following a Councillor query  - we emailed Chris Perry CBC (07/06/17) to request clarification on this issue

Query Nr 2 - CB/16/00374 - Land East of Station Road, Langford

Dear Chirs
I wondered if you could help.  One of our Councillors has noticed this overflow pipe (in attached photos) that is coming off the site/balancing pond at Station Road (I believe at the junction with Jubilee Lane).  Is this acceptable bearing in mind the flood issues that area already experiences during heavy rainfall?.  
Will this pipe permanently be in that place?
She also had concerns as the Balancing pond appears to have a fair amount of water in it and as we are really in summer season will the balancing pond realistically ever be dry?  The concern was raised prior to the all day rain we experienced yesterday!
If you could let me know so I can relay the answer would be great.

OUTCOME: Reply from Chris Perry CBC on 13/06/17, 

I have had a response from our senior engineer & he has responded as follows:

There are two surface water outfalls from the proposed development to the ditch in Jubilee Lane although the discharge rates have been restricted because of the downstream flooding problems. In larger storm events rainfall which would have flowed into the ditch will now be stored in the two ponds and released at a controlled rate. I believe the two ponds have been designed to be dry for the majority of the time although they will have water in them after storm events. Also, they may be temporarily holding water at the moment because the connections to the ditch have yet to be completed. We will continue to monitor the situation.

I have also had confirmation from the site manager that there is still work to be one in relation to completion of the works to this pipe & its final appearance.


Following resident complaints - we emailed Chris Perry CBC (11/01/17) to complain about this issue - formal complaint raised

Formal Complaint Nr 5 - CB/16/00374 - Land East of Station Road, Langford 

Made to Chris Perry, Enforcement Officer at CBC - 11 January 2017

Dear Chris
We have been receiving many complaints regarding cars parked on the junction of Station Rd/Cambridge Road which is a major issue for all living in and using the road.  
Also, although we are aware of the recent wet weather and the time of year, but excessive mud is regularly reported by residents along the road at the Station Road site.
I wondered if you could re-iterate to any builders/visitors to site to not park on this dangerous part of the junction or to cause others to do so by taking up the limited street parking available.  Also to see if we could get some extra sweeping/clearing of the road to try to cut back on the mud issue please.
I will await your response and thank you for your help with this matter.
Kind regards

OUTCOME:  Email from Chris Perry 12/01/17.  I had a drive past today & there didn’t appear to be much mud on the road, I also noted that there were no vehicles parked near the junction of Station Road with Cambridge Road. I have since spoken to the assistant contracts manager who informs me that they still have a road sweeper & also a wheel wash facility that they use. He also states that they have adequate onsite parking for contractors & therefore none should be causing parking problems. I will be making a further visit next week & will actually drop in on the site as well for a chat.


Following a resident complaint - we emailed Chris Perry CBC (13/12/16) to complain about this issue - formal complaint raised

Formal Complaint Nr 4 - CB/16/00374 - Land East of Station Road, Langford

Made to Chris Perry, Enforcement Officer at CBC - 13 December 2016

Dear Chris
A resident of Station Road has made the following complaint (emailed at 12:50 today so this would of been at 12:20/12:30 today).  I would be grateful if you could please advise that you will liaise with the Site Manager over this issue.  

Email complaint from resident 

Dear parish council,

Please can you clarify what the restrictions are, with regard to site-related vehicles on Station Road?

The reason that I ask is that I returned home from work half an hour ago and had to squeeze past a lorry that was obstructing roughly half of my entrance and all of my neighbours’ driveway.  There is currently a line of five or six lorries parked along Station Road, stretching from in front of number 98 up to the site entrances.

I need to go out again shortly and will find it very difficult to see past the lorries in order to pull out safely, even if I can manage to squeeze past the vehicle that is blocking my drive.  I will be politely asking the driver of this vehicle (assuming the driver is actually present in the vehicle) to move enough to let me out, but the blocked view up and down the road will remain a safety issue even if more space is provided.

I am aware that building sites come with increased lorry traffic and am resigned to putting up with that until construction is completed.  However, using Station Road as a waiting area of five or six lorries at a time, parked in such a way as to block entrances and make it impossible to see whether it is safe to pull out of driveways, is not acceptable.

To be fair, I suspect that this is not entirely the fault of the lorry drivers, although they must bear some responsibility.  Surely, given the size of the site, the development company can find a place on-site for half a dozen lorries, or can schedule their movements in such a way that it is not necessary to park them off-site in a way that makes life hazardous for anyone else using Station Road.

Thank you for your time, 

OUTCOME: Awaited 


Following a resident complaint - we emailed Chris Perry CBC (07/11/16) to complain about this issue - formal complaint raised

Formal Complaint Nr 3 - CB/16/00374 - Land East of Station Road, Langford

Made to Chris Perry, Enforcement Officer at CBC - 7 November 2016

Dear Chris

A resident of Station Road has complained that there was mud on the road, which they swept by brush down the drains this morning.

They also asked if white lines could be painted in front of people’s drives as cars are being parked in front of the them.

Could you please advise if any action can be taken to get white lines painted and confirm that the developer can be requested to keep the roads clear of mud please.

I look forward to hearing from you.  

OUTCOME: Michelle, I have just got off the phone from speaking to one of the site managers & I have been informed that there is a wheel wash facility on site & that any mud on the road is being dealt with. I have also impressed upon him that contractors vehicles are not to park in front of driveways & that has also been taken on board. In relation to getting white lines painted you will need to contact the Council’s Highway Department as I cannot answer that one. I will be dropping in on the site later in the week.

Further Outcome specifically on LPC concern regarding blocked drainage:  Michelle, Toxic substances would be a concern perhaps for the water board for the area & also for the Ivel Drainage Board & our Public Protection Team. Mud may also be an issue & you may wish to contact one or both with regards to this but I will speak to the site manager when I visit to advise that this practice should cease.



Following a resident query  - we emailed Chris Perry CBC (28/10/16) to request clarification on this issue

Query Nr 1 - CB/16/00374 - Land East of Station Road, Langford

Dear Chris

Further to our conversation last week I know you were meeting the Contracts Manager of DWH on site and I believe you were discussing the issue of the removed trees/hedges & the new drainage layout at the Development.

Perhaps you could advise the outcome of that meeting as we have been contacted by a resident who has concerns regarding the replanting of trees due to the required easement strip for the drainage which would potentially restrict the planting of trees/bushes in or close to the original position.

I look forward to hearing from you.

OUTCOME (awaiting further info): Reply from Chris Perry CBC on 31/10/16 - Michelle,  I have met with representatives from David Wilson Homes on site & they will be submitting proposals regarding replacement planting to me once they have discussed this with their landscape consultant. I do not know at this stage what will be proposed but I will update you as soon as I have some news.

Following a number of complaints and after emailing DWH (17/10/16 & 20/10/16) and speaking to both DWH (21/10/16) and Chris Perry CBC (24/10/16) to inform them of this issue - formal complaint raised for logging purposes 

Formal Complaint Nr 2 - CB/16/00374 - Land East of Station Road, Langford

Made to Chris Perry, Enforcement Officer at CBC - 24 October 2016

Dear Planning/Enforcement

It has been brought to our attention that ALL of the trees and hedges on the Boundary to the above site have been totally removed.  Residents have shown great concern and outrage about this as it was understood that all of the trees and hedges were to remain as were.

We would like this logged as a formal complaint please.

OUTCOME:  CBC and developer both confirmed that these were removed in error and the contractor will be replacing these - Timescale unknown


After speaking to DWH (21/10/16) and Chris Perry CBC (24/10/16) Clerk requested both parties to enforce the Traffic Management Plan -  formal complaint raised for logging purposes 

Formal Complaint Nr 1 - CB/16/00374 - Land East of Station Road, Langford 

Made to Chris Perry, Enforcement Officer at CBC - 24 October 2016

Dear Planning/Enforcement
It has been brought to our attention that very large lorries are going up The Leys in Langford in order to gain access to the above site.  This is not the route that we understood to be detailed on the Traffic Management Plan and is totally unacceptable to use this route.
Most recently Plant traffic and double lorries with portable toilets on were seen in The Leys.  The services are apparently very near the surface in this road and residents are very concerned.
We would like this logged as a formal complaint please.
OUTCOME:  CBC confirmed that they will speak to contractors to ensure Traffic management route plan is followed



Residents emails - to CBC (Clerk copied in)




Dear Chris and Langford Parish


I am writing regarding recent complaints concerning the unauthorised removal of trees on Station Road at the front of the current construction site (above ref).  I live on Jubilee Lane and I understand from the plans that some trees are also planned to be removed on the perimeter of the site along Jubilee Lane.  Could you please answer my following concerns:


1. Could we have a concrete confirmation of which trees have been earmarked for removal?


2. Why has their removal been approved when the trees in question are on the boundary and on the bank on Jubilee Lane and not solely on the site land?


3. What guarantee do we have that an 'error' will not occur again and all the trees will just be cut down?


I am very worried about this as the Lane is currently framed by these trees and removal would completely ruin the look and feel of the Lane.


I look forward to hearing your response on this matter.




To the Planning Enforcement Officer,

I am writing to complain about the cutting down of the beautiful row of trees on the Land East of Station Road Langford - CB/16/00374. They were a beautiful part of Station road and in light of all the disruption with the new houses being built it feels like the last straw!  I hope that they can be replaced like for like




Dear Chris Perry,

There is a need, I am aware, to build more houses in Bedfordshire and although I was saddened to see that the farm land to the east of Station Road in Langford  Land East of Station Road - CB/16/00374 was going to be built on,  I appreciated that the new houses were needed.  However, when I saw that the beautiful trees that lined Station Road had been felled, I was gutted, my stomach actually turned at the sight of the destruction of these tree, that were not only beautiful in themselves but which would have provided a screen between the new houses  and the road and the existing houses along Station Road. The whole feel and look of the road was completely changed for the worse.  I have attached before and after photographs to emphasis my point.  When I then heard that the developer had said that the trees were taken out in error, it made me more angry than ever at this is so obviously not true.  Some one ordered their cutting down and their removal from the site, this was all done very quickly.  Developers have been getting away with this type of thing for so many years and if we don't do something to stop it they will continue on the premise that "once it's done it can't be undone".  I understand that the developer is in breach of contract in felling these trees and would demand that they be ordered to replace the trees with trees of a similar age and type.  If they plant saplings it will be years before they reach the perfection of the trees that were taken down.  If they are going to develop our village this is progress of a kind, but what they have done has demonstrated a total disregard for our village environment and it's residents.

This company need to realise that they are not going to get away with what they have done and that we do not believe this vandalism to be accidental.





As it's a week since you met David Wilson Homes I wondered whether you've had any response from them yet. I'm becoming increasingly concerned at seeing more drainage installed along the front boundary of the development (work on-going this morning). As far as I'm concerned the trees that same have been removed 'in error' should be replaced as soon as possible in the current planting season with the same species and they should be at least semi-mature in size. From my own conversations with DWH I'm concerned that they'll use the need for a drainage easement as an excuse for not re-planting these trees which have so carelessly been cut down. I strongly feel that they shouldn't be allowed to get away with this, even if it means taking up the drainage and re-laying it to an amended route.

The street scene along Station Road has been drastically changed and these trees afforded at least some sort of screen from the development. Without the trees we'll be looking across the road just at bare brickwork. Surely DWH's contractor should have checked and double checked before removing the trees. I could go further and suggest that they knew the trees were to be kept and thought it would be easier just to take them out and deal with the consequences later. In that case I feel that they should receive the full weight of whatever you can throw at them.

This issue has caused a great deal of stress and concern to people along Station Road and I hope that you can bring this to a satisfactory conclusion soon.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,


Residents emails/calls - To Clerk only


Please note my concern over the cutting down of perfectly healthy and well grown tree's on Station rd, Langford. Apparently this was a 'mistake' by the developers, which to me is a pathetic excuse. 


Concerns raised over mud produced by vehicles entering and exiting the site - contractors flushing mud down Station Road drains.  Also contractors blocking driveways whilst visiting site - Clerk emailed complaint (FC nr 4) to Chris Perry CBC. (see Formal complaint nr 4 above).


Resident complaint - Facebook Posts 


I was so upset to see that all the trees on the left hand side of Station Road have been cut down. Was that really necessary, a beautiful row of trees that would have screened the new houses that are going up and kept our village beautiful. So many tree get cut down to make way for buildings. :-(