You will be pleased to know that the Langford Neighbourhood Plan is on the home straight and this is where we really, REALLY need your help!!

Once the Plan is in place, CBC must take notice of our wishes in any planning application, we will get more money to spend on our village and we can make sure that developments conform to our designs.
We have two things left to do before we can formally submit the Plan to CBC and your views are really important:

Carry out a consultation with residents, CBC, neighbouring councils, Environment Agency, Natural England etc. We need you to look at the Plan and give your comments. 

The Plan can be viewed using this link:

We need you to go around the village, with a mobile phone, and take pictures of aspects that you like/dislike and comment on them. This needs to be done through an online app. If you would like to be involved, come along to the meeting below. This is vitally important in supporting your views on how new developments should look, feel and contribute to our community.
We need as many residents as possible to help with both of the above. 

Come along to a meeting at 6.30pm on Thursday 14th November in the Village Hall to find out more about the Neighbourhood Plan and how the online mapping works (think of it as a sort of Langford Pokemon Go!)

Please pass the word to friends, family and passing strangers.
See you there!

Remember its your village and you can help shape its future.


10:08, 04 Nov 2019 by Michelle Albone

Remembrance Day 2019

07:40, 30 Oct 2019 by Michelle Albone

The next parish Council Meeting on 4th November (7:30pm, Church Room), will include an agenda item to form a plan in response to permission given for the development off Tithte Farm Close by the Planning Inspector.  All residents welcome to attend.

17:32, 29 Oct 2019 by Michelle Albone