Parish Council Governance


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The Parish Council is the representative body for the village responsible for lighting, grass cutting services and providing burial space.  It is the custodian of the key village assets Playing Fields, green space, Village Hall and War Memorial providing ongoing investment and management. It facilitates communication with its residents through its monthly meetings, the web site, the quarterly Diary magazine, notice boards and representation on a variety of local committees.

In compliance with the Local Government Act the Parish Council operates within the key processes of Standing Orders and Code of Conduct supported by a set of policies these documents can be viewed on the Council Policy Page or hard  copies can be made available on request from the Parish Clerk.  

It recieves and provides input to the local authority on all planning applications,highways matters and local consultations taking soundings from its residents as appropriate.

It monitors the services provided by the local authority to ensure compliance and provides an escalation route for any residents concerns.  These responsibilities are managed through the following committee structure:


1    Finance           

Responsible for the councils actuals, budgets and forecast ensuring that best value is attained for the village

2    Highways       

Responsible for input to the local authority priority plans, monitors service provision through a structured sector survey of the village paths and roadways

3    Planning          

Recieves all planning applications and provides input to the local authority involving the residents through consultation as appropriate


Maintains representation on the organisations delegated to manage the Village Hall, Playing Field and the Village Welfare Trust

The terms of reference for each committee can be found on the committee's page