Parish Council Policies and Procedures

This page is for the policies and procedures of the council.  


Code of Conduct 2019-2021

Complaints Procedure 2019-2021

Council Standing Orders 2019-2021

Data Protection Policy 2019-2021

Donation Policy 2019-2021

Finance Regulations 2019-2021

Grant Policy 2019-2021

Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure 2019-2021

Health and Safety Policy 2019-2021

Risk Management Policy 2019-2021

Risk Management Register 2019-2021

Training Policy 2019-2021



All the above policies were adopted without change/from previous year at the May 2019 Annual Parish Council Meeting and will be reviewed on or before 1 June 2021.

Langford Parish Council also have a Model Publication Scheme that is the ICO Freedom of Information Act that can be viewed, along with the Council's information of documents available below.

Publication Scheme

Accessing Langford Parish Council information

**All deeds in the Custody of the Council are open to inspection 


Details of employee accreditation and Councillor Training 

Accrediation and Training Log 2017