Langford and Biggleswade Windfarm Community Fund

What is the Langford and Biggleswade Windfarm Community Fund?

CBC receive an annual contribution of £24,000, to be distributed as small grants to groups for delivering projects in the parishes of Langford and Biggleswade for the benefit of the residents in those parishes. This is due to the Section 106 Agreement accompanying the planning permission which says that the owner must pay an Annual Community FundContribution of £24,000.


Who decides how the funds will be allocated?

The Langford and Biggleswade Community Fund Group (LBWCFG) is set up to manage this funding, and is made up of representatives of the following organisations:

  • Central Bedfordshire Council
  • Langford Parish Council
  • Biggleswade Town Council
  • the owner / developer
  • one co-opted member

In accordance with the Section 106 Agreement, the LBWCFG has agreed criteria to decide what local community projects will receive financial assistance, and to what extent that assistance is given. These are described in the guidance and application form.


The following committee has been established to meet quarterly in order to review and decide upon funding applications.



Sarah Hughes    

Central Bedfordshire Council


Councillor Steve Watkins        

Central Bedfordshire Council


Councillor Gill Clarke               

Langford Parish Council


Councillor John Shipman             

Langford Parish Council


Councillor Jonathan Medlock      

Biggleswade Town Council


Councillor Hazel Ramsay

Biggleswade Town Council


Mr Joe Hardy

The Co-operative Group


Councillor Brian Saunders       

Central Beds Councillor (co-opted member)



The following links direct you to the application process which has been agreed by all parties to administer the scheme.  Please note each application must have the support of the Parish Council before it is considered so if you are thinking of applying please keep us informed.


You can apply on line here 

You can download the application form here



A list of approved projects that have received commitment or funding can be found here