Air Displays at Shuttleworth


I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself and explain to you measures we took during our events season in 2015 and will take in 2016 in relation to Air Displays at Shuttleworth.  

Throughout the display season last year Shuttleworth proactively invested a great deal of time to work with Council Highways and Bedfordshire Police to ensure public safety during events.  As part of this we implemented a number of measures including traffic police and security personnel to assist with the movement of external spectators who were congregating outside of the site.  Shuttleworth does not condone spectators who congregate outside of site, by doing so they put not only themselves and their family at risk but their presence also increases the risk to the pilot should they have to try to avoid people in the event of a forced landing.  

Following on from the tragic incident at Shoreham last year, the Civil Aviation Authority has imposed new regulations and restrictions for air displays which means that Shuttleworth will have to take further measures with roadways, footpaths and bridleways in certain circumstances.  As part of our Season Premiere event on the 8th May there will be a display by the Red Arrows, to conform with the new regulations and working in conjunction with Bedfordshire Police, Council Highways and Rights of Way, Shuttleworth will need to implement a number a road closures in the surrounding area on this day:-  

1.       Hill Lane – closure for the duration of the airshow element 2pm and 6pm between the roundabout at G&M Growers and the Ickwell turn 

2.       Hill Lane – from the Broom turn to G&M growers, closure at some point between 2pm and 6pm 

3.       B658 – closure at some point between 2pm and 6pm 

4.       Ickwell Road – closure at some point between 2pm and 6pm  

Other than point 1. the other road closures will only be enforced during the Red Arrows display and are being done in conjunction with Bedfordshire Police and Council Highways.  In advance of closure signs will be placed on all roads one week before the event and re-directional signage will be placed during the road closures.  

Please be assured that Shuttleworth are undertaking these measures due to the exceptional circumstances of the Red Arrows display and would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your support and understanding during these times and apologise for any inconvenience you may experience on the 8th May.  

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.  

With regards



Kathryn Hale, Business Development Manager 

The Shuttleworth Trust  |  Old Warden Aerodrome  |  Biggleswade  |  Beds  |  SG18 9EP 

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12:19, 22 Apr 2016 by Parish Clerk