Neighbourhood Plan Area Designation Consultation

The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012, Part 2,Section 5


Notice is hereby given that Central Bedfordshire Council has received an application from Northill Parish Council to designate the parish as a ‘Neighbourhood Area’.

A successful designation will mean that the Parish Council can proceed to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan together with the community, if they wish to do so. If a plan is produced in the future, the Council will seek comments on its content at the appropriate time.

Details of the application and map showing the extent of the proposed designation area are available to view on the Council’s website:

If you have any objections to the extent of the area only, please send them by email to or by post to: Development Plan Process Team:,Central Bedfordshire Council Priory House ,Monks Walk ,Chicksands ,Shefford ,Bedfordshire

SG17 5TQ

Comments should be received by 13 February 2015



12:16, 19 Jan 2015 by Parish Clerk