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Do you know someone who is unable to reach their local library because thare are house bound or disabled.

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Central Bedfordshire Council proposes to introduce a 7.5 tonnes heavy Goods Vehicle Weight Restriction on Toddington Road Harlington.  Please see attached Notice

The consultation period for the Draft Neighbourhood Plan has now closed. The Draft Neighbourhood Plan and related documents can still be viewed here.

Following the pre-submission consultation, the plan will now be revised in light of the comments received.  These comments will inform the Submission Draft Plan which will then be submitted to Central Bedfordshire Council. Provided that the Submission Draft Plan meets various criteria such as being in general conformity with the emerging Local Plan and reflecting the Government’s planning policy and guidance, Central Bedfordshire Council will appoint an Independent Examiner to carry out an Examination of the Plan.
If this is successful, the Neighbourhood Plan will proceed to a referendum with Toddington residents. If the outcome of this is a majority in favour, the Neighbourhood Plan will then become part of Central Bedfordshire’s development plan and its contents will be used to determine planning applications.